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  • Fran Hogan-Bimler

Hope for the DCP

The Disney College Program is a program for college students/graduates to come and work at Walt Disney World for a semester/semester and a summer. The Disney College Program is one of the best experiences I have had in my life.

Last year when COVID hit, Disney World sent home all the college program paricipants. Luckily I was no longer with the company at the time (I completed my DCP in spring for 2018). But a lot of my friends were there completing second programs. Sadly, they were all sent home and forced out of their housing with Disney.

Back in October, it was announced that Disney was removing the furniture from the housing complexes that they used to house the DCP participants. Everyone questioned, will they bring the DCP back?

Patterson Court, Chatham Square, and The Commons were 3 of the 4 complexes that were sold. Vista Way, the original housing complex, is still owned by the Disney company. But everyone who has completed a program knows, that one housing is not enough for all the College Program participants. Disney also houses their International Program participants here. So what does this mean for the program?

Flamingo Crossing, the new DCP housing, is rumored to be the biggest and the best. Everyone was anticipating the opening for the College Program. But when Disney rented it out to Disney employees and other third-party members, rumors were speculating again that the DCP was not returning any time soon.

But all the doubt of the program going away faded yesterday when Bob Chapeck, Disney CEO, announced that he is hopeful for the return of the DCP by the end of this year.

According to, "While no official plans or eligibility requirement changes have been made, Chapek stated that extending the eligibility requirements to those that missed out on the program would be a great idea. We expect to hear a possible announcement on updated eligibility requirements soon."

I wonder when the college program will return. It would also be interesting to allow those who missed out on the program be able to participate! I hope that my friends who were let go during their program are able to get their jobs back and continue their Disney career!

What do you all think about this? If the College Program returns, what does that mean for the International Program? Let me know your thoughts!

Stay Magical Everyone :)



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